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Solid Safety Pool Covers

Solid safety pool covers are the best solution for safety especially for families with young children's or pets as it provides 100% protection to children's and pets.

The solid safety pool covers are made up of a very strong 550g m2 PVC coated fabric this means that it weighs 550g per square meter. The solid safety pool covers can support a weight of 2 adults walking on top of the cover.
Solid safety pool covers don't only provide safety for children's and Pets.

It also provides complete peace of mind to parents and owners of the pool as they no longer have to worry about cleaning the pool before using it because the solid safety pool covers keeps the water sparkling clean and the leaves come nowhere near the water surface when the pool is covered with our solid safety pool covers as our covers sit on the copping of the pool and seals it completely ensuring that nothing comes anywhere near the water surface and the pool is sparkling clean at all times, it saves on chemical and there's no evaporation.

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