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Thermal Pool Covers

Thermal pool cover is the best solution for heating up your pool. It heats up your pool during the day absorbing the heat from the solar energy and reduces heat loss during the night.

It is austhetically pleasing and it keeps the water sparkling clean and you have no stress of cleaning the pool because the water is clean at all times.

When used correctly, they have several benefits:

  1. It adds up to 8 degrees to water temperature
  2. It reduces chemical consumption
  3. The pool cover is light weight and easy to handle
  4. When you have a thermal cover you no longer need to install heat pumps or solar panels
  5. It reduces evaporation
  6. It prevents water removal by wind.
  7. It keeps your pool clear of leaves.
  8. Fitting a pool cover is a cleaver choice for saving water and electricity.

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